Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wearing Panties

All the reading I have done lately about dominant females has taught me that just as each woman is unique, the same is also apparently true with respect to individual tastes in submissive men as romantic partners . Some apparently prefer a more “effeminate” looking male as far as physical characteristics such as height, build, degree of body hair, as well as preferring men with “softer” more feminine features, personalities and mannerisms to match their male's subservient role. Other dominant women however have a strong preference for the more macho/masculine type of man, muscular, broad shouldered, hairy chest, and the like, who have the more typical square jawed, rugged complexion male features, demeanor and mannerisms about them. Having discussed this briefly with my Mistress, I happen to know that her tastes in men are for the later rather than the former. She doesn’t believe that is necessary for a man to be effeminate for him to offer her pleasing, subservient service and worship. Actually this makes a good deal of sense to me, as just speculating of course, what this might seem like from a dominant woman’s perspective. I would think it would be a much more interesting and intense experience having a strong, secure, typically masculine type man submitting to you than a male of the effeminate variety, if in fact the more typical male type was your preference.

Since as I have shared here before, the idea of forced feminization is one that I find a bit scary and intimidating, I am more than happy and relieved that my Mistress does not seem to have a strong interest in exploring the activity. I do consider myself to be of the typical masculine bent beyond of course the fact of the naturally submissive part of my nature. I really feel that this dichotomy of sorts, is what makes the experiencing and the exploration of my submissive side so uniquely meaningful and satisfying.

However, despite all this, more and more I find myself enamored with the idea of being forced by my Mistress to wear female panties. Actually my recent strong attraction to the idea leaves me feeling a bit confused because cross-dressing, even in this very narrow and limited way, is not something I have ever given thought to or found arousing to think about. This leads me to speculate that the idea of it interests me so much and does indeed provoke strong arousal when I think about it not because I want to wear female panties but because of the feelings it would produce was I made to do so. In other words, I think it is something that would produce mild, but significant humiliation and that is the aspect I think I feel an attraction for and find erotic.

I can imagine a number of variations on this theme; being made to wear nothing but a pair of female panties while doing routine chores around the house, being required to wear female panties beneath my normal clothing when going out or to work, and being required to stand in a corner with female panties around my knees with my legs widely spread and having to spank myself with a wooden spoon or other implement while reciting “I am a naughty sissy boy.” All of those ideas do invoke in me the kind of humiliation that I think I would find very arousing. I also do have a relatively frequent reoccurring fantasy where my Mistress, orders me to put on a pair of frilly, lacey, black women’s panties and then rub my cock through the silky material until I cum and then she requires me to remove the panties and clean them by sucking my cum from them. Even now as I write this and think about that fantasy, I am experiencing the very apparent physical demonstration of heightened arousal.

Perhaps at some point my Mistress will favor me with an opportunity to actually experience some of these types of activities involving the wearing of panties and then once and for all I will be able to see what feelings these activities produce and whether it does help me to experience a deeper sense of submission.

In the interest of hopefully stimulating feedback, I have decided to begin the practice of publishing one or more talking points in hopes of receiving comments from those who read my blog.

Talking Points:

For Dominant Women: If you now have (or have had in the past) a submissive man, did you ever require him to wear female panties? If so, did you feel it enhanced his submission to you? Also, what are your preferences with respect to the kind of submissive male you personally prefer?

For Submissive Men: Have you ever been required to wear female panties and if so, what feelings did it provoke for you and did it make you feel more submissive?

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Laura said...

If you now have (or have had in the past) a submissive man, did you ever require him to wear female panties?
Yes, I have had several men wear panties. Two have worn mine. One wore mine while I fucked him. One wore mine while I jacked him off.
I wonder if I could start a company offering girl worn panties to men that need to wear them?

If so, did you feel it enhanced his submission to you?
Yes, I they found it arousing and I found it arousing, and they were much more submissive during this time.

Also, what are your preferences with respect to the kind of submissive male you personally prefer?
I want a man who is sure about why he wants to submit to me. I want someone itelligent and confident. When he offers me his submission it is a choice and he gives it freely. Physical isn't as important in a BDSM kind of relationship. The mind is what turns me on there.

Miss Honey