Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oral Servitude

As I enter the fourth day of an orgasm denial assignment from my Mistress, I admit that my level of sexual arousal is extremely high right now. Consequently it isn’t really surprising that my mind is quite focused now on an overtly sexual act like cunnilingus. It has been more than ten months since I have had the honor of serving a woman orally and of course that has been too long since I feel such a strong attraction for it.

For me there is no greater privilege than being permitted to lick, kiss and tease a woman in just the way she wants it, bringing her to orgasmic satisfaction and delight for as long and as often as she desires it. I truly never tire of this activity nor lose my enthusiasm for it. Energetically and enthusiastically my mouth and tongue are primed to surrender themselves to the needs and desires of the sacrosanct, tender and beautiful folds of her most prominent symbol of femininity. Cunnilingus is nothing less than offering my reverential attention at the altar of a Goddess. It both celebrates her femininity as well as her position of dominance and womanliness and instantly reminds me of my responsibility to serve her with reverence and submission by giving my attentive and enthusiastic worship to the sacred petals of her flower of womanhood.

Even when not in a heightened state of horniness as is the case today, I still very frequently fantasize about worshipping my Mistress by giving her pleasing cunnilingus. While fantasizing I vary in my mind the positions I envision her in as I imagine the act. One position that really appeals to me is having her elevated on a bed, on her knees with her bottom pushed high in the air and her legs widely spread, making herself completely available to my respectful ministrations as I kneel on the floor behind her. This position would not only give me access to her labia and clit, but would also allow me to give her analingus as well. I also like to imagine kneeling in front of her while she stands with her legs widely spread and often this fantasy takes place in a shower scenario. Another favorite is imagining me laying on my back as she kneels over my face, seated regally on my upper chest and grinding her lips and clit against my mouth and tongue as I service her. Actually as I think of it, there are endless positions that could be used for this most delightful and arousing act of respectful oral servitude. Of course should this be a priviledge actually ever bestowed on me the position would always be her choice and not my own.

Cunnilingus does in very meaningful and profound ways reinforce my role and nature as a submissive male, accomplishing simultaneously varied objectives;

  • It establishes her in her rightful female superior position illustrating her absolute control and dominance over the male serving her as most positions for oral sex place him in a submissive position in relation to her.

  • It is obviously “her focused” as the male gives strict attention to her pleasure, needs and orgasmic delight.

  • It is a powerful illustration of unselfishness on the part of the male as he concentrates solely on her sexual pleasure with no thought to his own.

  • It provides her complete control over her own sexual pleasure and gratification.

  • It is a delightful privilege for the submissive male as it effectively allows him to demonstrate his eager desire to worship and please his dominant female partner.

  • It is an exciting and powerful reminder to the male of her complete power and authority over him giving him a deeper awareness and experience of his submissiveness.

    Ability to provide a woman with pleasurable oral stimulation especially with respect to efficiently producing orgasms for her, clearly is a significant part of the sexual equation with regards to female led relationships and a skill I feel the man has a responsibility to learn how to do properly. I think the woman has every right to expect that in giving directions she should only be required to demand oral servitude whenever it suits her but she should never need to explain to the man the basics of female anatomy or technique. Part of being the woman and being in control to me is the woman’s inalienable right to have her man at her beck and call for her orgasmic pleasure whenever she wants cunnilingus. As a submissive man who very much wants to please I am never satisfied that I know enough about the techniques of serving a woman in this way but am continually on the lookout for more advanced methods of giving a woman pleasure orally. I think this just makes good sense and positions me to become a much more pleasing submissive.

Talking Point:

For Women: Do you have a favorite position that you enjoy when receiving a man's respectful oral servitude? If so, please share it.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you have a great Blog, I can't understand why there are not a ton of comments? I think that I am much like you but wife is not into it. Bummer. She does however love when I perform oral sex on her, especially after coming inside of her....
Good luck and take care!
frnkdracman at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

When I was younger I met this very attractive lady, went on a few dates and finally got an invitation to come in after the date.
I was excited, thinking I was going to get laid but after a long make out session on her couch I started to undress her and she told me she was afraid of getting pregnant and until she went on the pill we couldn't have sex. She would not agree to condoms.
I continued, kissing her breasts and belly and then down lower. She had on a dress and after lifting it I pulled her panties down around her ankles. She was completely shaved, the first woman I had ever seen like that.
I began to tease her with my mouth and truly enjoying her taste. She started telling me how exactly she liked it, a big change from the shy unresponsive women I had been with.
I loved the instructions! As soon as I got it right, the way she wanted it, she began to moan and grind into my face like she was just using me. I loved it! She began to orgasm, pulling at my hair to so she could ride my face. She came close to screaming as she let loose, a gush of fluid confirmed that she had really came hard.
After that she pulled away slightly but continued to slowly grind her hips. Again she came then again. It was wonderful, knowing how much pleasure I was giving her, how much control I had with each lick, each movement of my tongue, lips and fingers.
Finally she relaxed and I knew she was done. I had been on my knees while she stayed sitting on the couch. I looked up at her smiling face and she said "thank you" as she pulled up her panties and rearranged her dress. I got up and handed her a glass of wine that she had on the table.
We sat there for a bit and she told me that I had better go. I wasn't as frustrated as I thought I should be however I had an erection that my pants where barely able to contain.
I called and no answer for days. I assumed it was over until one night, around midnight, she called. She was out with friends and wanted to stop by. I was hoping still to get some satisfaction.
She arrived a bit drunk, just a bit. She immediately sat down and pulled up her skirt. She was smiling and so sure of herself, so sure of what she wanted and so sure I was willing to give it to her.
Again I worked on her just the way she liked it, however this time I didn't need the constant instruction. It took little time to "get her off" and as soon as she was done she just pushed me away and stood up. There I was naked on the floor staring up at her.
This time I felt used as I watched her go to the door and say goodbye. I watched as she went out to the car waiting for her and there, sitting in the front seat was two of her girlfriends!
They had the windows open and I could hear the laughter, the jokes about me. Them calling me her bitch?
Weeks went by and again one night she called, late like before and wanted to come over. You guessed it, the same thing only this time she was alone and not drinking.
She tasted different and it took me a second to realize she had just had sex with another man! Later I found out it was her boyfriend who never went down on her.
So, after about six months of her coming over and using me for oral sex she told me she was pregnant and had to stop seeing me.
I miss her.