Friday, April 18, 2008

CBT Is Not a Computer Virus

Cock and ball torture (CBT) is an activity that I find I have an attraction for even though I have yet to experience it in a meaningful way. I actually was pretty confused about exactly why I would want to experience this or find the thought of it erotic given the fact that I am not really much of a masochist and CBT is actually a pretty intense sadomasochistic practice, especially in the more intense ways it can be accomplished. For those not familiar with this activity, here is a definition excerpted from the Wikipedia online encyclopedia;

Definition: Cock and ball torture (CBT) is a sexual activity involving torture of the male genitals. This may involve directly painful activities, such as wax play, genital spanking, ball busting, genital flogging, genital bondage, urethral play, electrical play, or tickle torture. It may equally consist of the use of cock harnesses, testicle cuffs, parachutes, prolonged stimulation (teasing), metal cages, cock rings, English cages, not necessarily leading to orgasm. Erotic electro stimulation may also be used in CBT. The use of ball bags, ball stretchers, various kinds of chastity devices and the humbler can also be regarded as forms of CBT. A ball lock may be used for prolonged entrapment, providing an interesting predicament associated with not knowing when padlock will be unfastened, releasing the testicles.

This is rather comprehensive listing of the possibilities included in the universe of CBT activities offered by Wikipedia. One of the most simple forms as illustrated in the above photograph, is simply the binding of the cock and balls (genital bondage) using small diameter rope or cord. As evidence of my own attraction to this practice, I really find the change of color of the balls when tightly bound, extremely erotic and arousing. Similar to the use of urethral sounds, insertion of penis plugs is also a form of CBT, as would be the application of clamps on the cock and/or balls and the use of permanent penis jewelry after having either the shaft or the scrotum pierced.

What you ask is it that would cause a submissive man to feel an attraction for this practice, especially in the more extreme and painful forms? First I think it can be explained by the simple male fascination with his own penis, which I have already discussed at length previously in this blog. There is a good deal of excitement associated with another person focusing so much careful attention on this particularly intimate part of a male’s anatomy, even if that person is inflicting pain while doing so. Should one be given to Masochism to a much more profound degree than I am, a person who truly derives pleasure strictly from the level of pain, then enduring the torture of their genitals while experiencing CBT in its most painful machinations would be satisfying for them for the obvious reasons.

From the purely submissive perspective I actually feel that CBT appeals to me for two main reasons that are closely aligned with many other activities in which I find meaningful and intense expression of my submissive nature. Assuming a dominant woman enjoyed inflicting CBT on me, which would of course imply that she was something of a sadist, then of course I would receive emotional pleasure from the act of pleasing her by allowing her to inflict CBT on me. There is no doubt about it, I am a complete pleaser type personality and truly do derive a great deal of satisfaction and fulfillment from pleasing someone else on many levels. Also, since I enjoy being controlled by an assertive dominant woman, then there is also the gratification I would receive from CBT due to the quite obvious and overt loss of control over this rather favored and valued part of my male anatomy to a dominant woman.

Lacking a significant masochistic kink, I think I would most enjoy some of the milder forms of CBT, such as wax play, genital spanking/flogging, genital bondage, urethral play (penis plugs), cock harnesses (e.g. Gates of Hell), parachutes (ball stretchers), prolonged stimulation (teasing), cock rings and chastity devices. To date I have only experienced cock rings, self-inflicted genital spanking, genital bondage, and some degree of ball stretching by way of a crude homemade weighting apparatus. I found I definitely liked all of these although I am quite certain self-inflicted CBT is never going to approach the intensity of someone doing it to me. In addition I have just recently ordered a Gates of Hell cock harness and a beginner’s penis plug, and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of these new toys to continue my CBT education.

Talking Points:

For dominant females: Does CBT appeal to you? If so do you feel that it appeals to you from a sadist perspective (enjoyment of inflicting pain), from a control perspective, or some other reason? If CBT does not appeal, why not?

For submissive males: Does CBT appeal to you? If it does, is it for one of the reason I offered, a combination of those reasons or for some other reason entirely? If it hold no appeal for you, why? Also, for anyone who may have experienced CBT in any of its various forms please share a little from your own personal experience with it.

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Anonymous said...

Im a switch male and one of my g/f's who just loves to suck cock one day decided she was going to suck on my balls instead of just have them in her mouth. Very painful but insanely arousing and I came shortly after because of the intensity...
I love it. Kindof scared to inflict permanent damage, but its definately something I would recommend.