Friday, April 4, 2008

Body Modification as a Sign of Ownership

At the tender age pf eighteen during my first tour in the military I got a couple of very small tattoos. While I don’t regret them and actually don’t really notice them much since they have been on my body for such a long time, I haven’t since even been close to getting another one. I have seen some really attractive body piercings on other people and once I dated a woman who have a navel piercing which I found uber sexy, but again I never seriously considered having a piercing done personally. But since my initiation into the world of BDSM I have learned a little about the activity body modification which encompasses a wide area, but includes both tattoos and piercing.

I haven’t yet discussed this with my Mistress so I don’t know what her feelings are on the subject, but for the past few days I have been researching body piercings and the idea of getting one has really started to appeal to me. The purpose I have in mind is to have one done as a tangible sign of my Mistress’ ownership of me if that would be something she would find pleasing. Of course it is a little premature to consider at the moment since she and I are in the beginning weeks of a trial relationship period. But certainly once the trial is completed if she were to consider keeping me as her personal submissive indefinitely, I would like to discuss with her the possibility of getting a piercing.

Of course I have never been big on needles so the concept is not one that I could face without fear. It would actually be a very big thing for me to get my mind around having this done. And some of the piercings are at least for me, just a bit over the top. For example, the Prince Albert type penis piercing is definitely not something I think I could ever do. But one particular type I find appealing is the Hafada style scrotum piercing depicted in the illustration posted today. I think a gold ring attached there would look very sexy and each time I looked at it I would be reminded of my submission to my Mistress. Besides the Hafada I think I could also seriously consider a frenum piercing and perhaps even a nipple piercing if that was something that appealed to my Mistress.

Similarly, if it was something she found herself interested in, I would also consider a tattoo for the same purpose. I know this type of body modification is more of a permanent nature than piercings which could be removed easily enough, but even in the distant type relationship I presently have, if my Mistress does eventually decide to make our relationship permanent, I’d feel very comfortable with this idea. Anyone have any thoughts to share on the subject?

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Mistress Lily said...

My Wonderful CJ!

What an interesting topic. On Saturdays I'm finding I look to your blog more and more to find a good topic for your Sunday Mantra.

As for the topic of piercings, its not one I think of often in terms of our relationship. I don't have any piercings or tattoos ... but I think I would more likely consider getting tattoos, for both of us, should we decide to make this a permanent relationship.

~ Lily