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As I continue to study the role of a submissive to better understand this part of my own nature, I continue to learn about new methods and practices that are used in female led relationships to deepen both the submissive male’s experience of his own submissive nature as well help him learn as to offer sincere and complete devotion, servitude, obedience and submission to his female dominant partner. Interestingly I just recently came across a blog that is written by an extremely interesting and talented dominant female who introduces the concept of cuckolding by recounting real life experiences in cuckolding shared with her submissive husband. Following is a short excerpt from her blog in which she shares details of this intriguing practice;

"I opened my eyes to see that Jim had grown fully erect. It had been a very long time since I had put a penis in my mouth. I had abandoned long ago and forever the notion of servicing my husband. At this occasion, however, I was suddenly struck with a desire to put all of Jim's cock into my mouth. Again, with one leg on the floor and one on the bed, he positioned himself in such a way as to accommodate my hunger. With my eyes again closed I put my mouth on his balls, ran my tongue up the length of him and finally swallowed the head of his cock. My eyes opened to see my husband gazing intently at my lust. I pulled my mouth off of Jim only long enough to smile wickedly at my husband. When I returned to sucking my lover's cock, I kept my eyes affixed on my husband's eyes. He was at once transfixed and far away.

I held out my hand for my husband to take. I had him rise from his knees and I delivered his hand to my lovers cock. I suspected that he might do so very gingerly, as if he was holding something he found offensive to touch. He surprised me by wrapping his fingers around the base of Jim's cock and holding it with an almost erotic grasp. With his other hand, he held the tip of Jim's cock just below the head. He guided it to my waiting body and positioned it on the warm, wet lips that had so long been reserved only for matrimonial pleasures shared between husband and wife. I watched his gaze go from Jim's cock to Jim's eyes.

"Tell him," I said.

"I want you inside her," he told Jim.

"So be it," said Jim, "I'm going to fuck your wife."

With that, Jim's cock slipped inside me, guided only at first by my husband's hand. Then my husband stepped back and watched my flesh give way as Jim took me as his lover. He let his one leg fall back to the floor so that he could gain greater leverage as he rhythmically stroked his heavily veined, magnificent cock in and out of my body. I allowed myself to forget about my husband as I became a vixen bitch for this powerful man. My fingers pulled at his chest hairs, my breasts shook as my body was rocked by his thrusting hips. I arched my back and pointed my toes to the ceiling. I was having orgasm after orgasm and my desire for it to go on forever was only matched by my need to feel his warm ejaculation inside me. Ultimately, Jim gritted his teeth, dug his nails into my shoulders, and exploded.

I put my hand between my legs. I could feel Jim's warm seed leaking from my body. I touched it and brought it up to my husband's lips. He closed his eyes and sucked it off of my finger with an animal hunger that reminded me that his own passions were not spent. I opened my legs for him and he climbed onto the bed to position his mouth on my dripping pussy. And with this mystical potion of my lust and my lover's seed, he completed his metamorphosis into cuckoldry."

Is that erotic or what? The blog writer, Katherine, a newly emerged dominant woman at the time of the post excerpt and her submissive husband were discovering the joys of cuckolding and in the post she shares the details of that experience. She brings home another man and takes him as her lover while her husband not only watches his wife during the sexual intimate encounter but also actively participates. He actually guides the lover’s cock into Katherine’s pussy for the first time, performs cunnilingus on her after her lover had cum inside her and the blog goes on to detail how at times Katherine requires her husband to perform fellatio on her male lovers.

I suppose one thing that makes cuckolding such an erotic contemplation is the fact that in most committed relationships, monogamy is the standard that both partners are expected to live up to. But in reality of course, it is well documented that a good deal of “cheating” goes on secretly both in marriage relationships and other committed relationships, and either partner is equally likely to become involved in extra-relational intimate affairs. Yet in cuckolding, both consensually and by design the female dominant partner is allowed to openly take on additional sexual partners while the male submissive partner remains either monogamous or denied sex altogether, aside from performing oral sex. Interesting enough Katherine was introduced to both dominance and cuckolding by her submissive husband, who asked her to participate in it. In her blog she explains that
she loves and is devoted to her husband, but wanted him to understand and come in to a deep sense of submission as she is romantically taken by another man.

Consulting Wikipedia, I found this definition for cuckolding:

"The term has made a resurgence in the late 20th century amongst couples with a dominant female allowed to take on additional partners, and a submissive male is either monogamous to her or is denied sex altogether, aside from performing oral sex. Some dominant women have their male partner watch them have sex with others, but the more common practice is for the domme to go out on dates, while her sub or slave stays at home. Some dominants have their sub or slave perform oral sex on them after they have had sex with another man. In some cases, the dominant woman's sex partner may be submissive to her, while other times, she simply engages in vanilla sex with him.

Cuckolding among female-dominant couples differs from the original definition of cuckolding in that many of these men are voluntarily "cuckolded" by their wives, as part of the husband's sexual fantasy of gaining sexual pleasure from being humiliated by his wife and often the husband may even be the instigator of this practice by requesting it."

One reason for my interest in the practice of cuckolding is my own D/s relationship with my Mistress. For those who may have read Mistress Lily’s new blog, you learned that she is engaged and that her fiancé is a switch, so at times she submits to him and at other times he performs in the role as her submissive. She has shared with me on several occasions that she has a recurring fantasy to have both her fiancé and I both pleasure her at the same time and she believes this is something she would truly enjoy. So if that fantasy should ever become a reality, in a sense both he and I will have an opportunity to receive some practical experience in cuckolding. My Mistress has explained that at times she would want both of us pleasuring her simultaneously but at other times she would require one of us to watch while she engaged in one on one sex with the other. My Mistress tells me that she has discussed this fantasy with her fiancé and that he is fine with the idea, however I rather suspect due to the differences in our respective roles, and the fact that his relationship with her pre-dates my own, this might be much easier and more of an attractive idea for me than for him. Yet if the details could be worked out, I admit I find this idea extremely interesting as well as arousing.

Talking Points:

For Dominant Women: How do you feel about cuckolding? Is this something you would be interested in exploring with your own submissive man? If so, would you choose to actively involve him? If so, to what degree?

For Submissive Men: Is cuckolding something you would be interested in experiencing? If so, is it the humiliation aspect of this that you feel speaks most strongly to your submissive nature or is it something else that you find attracts you to this practice?

For All: Have you ever engaged in the practice and if so, what was the experience like for you and your partner?

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