Saturday, April 26, 2008

Toy Review: Penis Plugs

Penis plugs have been around for quite awhile but recently have enjoyed increased popularity due to better availability of information about them as well as easier availability of the plugs themselves. The penis plug is both a toy and a penis non-pierced jewelry item. Penis plug insertion falls within the BDSM category of light CBT play.

One way to think of penis plugs and the use of them is the natural comparison to anal plugs but on a much smaller scale as they are of course designed for insertion in a male’s smaller orifice, the urethra.

Insertion of a penis plug does actually require that the urethra be stretched much like using larger anal plugs accomplishes with respect to the anus. Therefore it is simply common sense to start small and work up to larger diameters. Some penis plugs are hollow and feature a hole in the tip which allows the wearer to pee and cum without removing the plug. There are straight forward designs of machined aerospace-grade metals featuring gradual graduations in size up to a larger diameter “hump” which serves to keep the plug from slipping out as well as a ring attached at the top to prevent over insertion. There are also plugs that move closer along the spectrum towards decorative jewelry with both artistic designs as well as those with synthetic jewels set on the top. Several different styles may be viewed by clicking on the attachments.

More than just a fashion statement, the insertion of penis plugs is designed to provide new and erotic sensations to the wearer. The feeling of a penis plug is reported to be very intense because the urethra is highly sensitive with lots of nerve endings. I have read that some men find that their penis becomes instantly erect in response to the stimulation that penis plugs give and others report that they leak precum almost constantly while wearing one.

The tissue inside the male urethra is very delicate and subject to tearing so a beginner should obviously use caution in gradually achieving the necessary stretching effect. Also, as with anal plugs, a good personal lubricant should be used with penis plugs.

Immediately after learning about penis plugs I admit I began to covet one to try for myself. Last week I ordered one, a model called The Little Fucker and the photograph displayed above illustrates it. Out of the box, I admit I found it rather intimidating as I compared the diameter of it with the size of the opening of my urethra. The plug diameter was a good bit larger than I envisioned it would be. But I was determined to give it a shot, so I covered it with lubricant and attempted the first insertion. Actually I discovered that the urethral opening is quite stretchy and I managed to insert the tip of the plug quite easily. Since I have never had need of a catheter insertion and have never attempted to insert anything into my urethra before, I am taking things very slowly and am being very gentle and cautious with this. Some tips I found on an Internet site recommended that the novice should spend a few minutes each day working with the plug and attempting to insert it a little deeper each day without forcing the issue. Based upon what I read, eventually the urethra will be stretched sufficiently and the plug will eventually pop into place. Each day that I have worked with the plug, I have been able to insert it a bit further but have not yet quite reached the point of inserting it past the “hump” or largest diameter portion before it will go no further. After several days of experimenting with insertion I am feeling a very minor degree of discomfort but not enough that I would term it soreness. I am very eagerly anticipating the experience of having the plug fully inserted but will continue the gradual acclimation of my urethral opening. Once I am able to get the plug fully inserted I will post an update and also share the removal process.

Penis plugs I think would be suitable for men who enjoy bondage, CBT and medical play as the principle behind penis plugs is similar to the use of urethral sounds. If you enjoy trying something a bit different, you might wish to give penis plugs a try. As far as toys go, they are not really inexpensive but already I am feeling the expense is justified. In the event anyone reading this decides to try a penis plug, following are a few safety points you should be aware of.

Safety issues: Be cautious while learning to insert penis plugs as you are working with some very delicate tissue, easily torn and injured. Never “force” anything into your urethra. Never insert anything into your urethral opening not specifically designed for that purpose. Objects inserted in the urethral opening must be completely clean to prevent the possibilities of infection. As with anal plugs, a good rule of thumb is if it hurts, stop.


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