Thursday, May 22, 2008

Poll Results

The Survey by Sex and D/s Orientation poll has concluded. I am very grateful to the 102 readers who took a moment to vote in the poll and having a modest background in statistical analysis, I feel that number gives a statistically significant result. In addition as I tracked the poll daily the percentages didn’t vary significantly which gives me further confidence in the results. Here are the final tallies:

Dominant Females – 20 (19%)
Submissive Females – 4 (4%)
Switch Females – 10 (10%)
Dominant Males – 3 (3%)
Switch Males – 7 (7%)
Submissive Males – 58 (57%)

While the poll results suggest that submissive men make up the largest percentage of the readers of this blog, I was very pleased with the diversity of the overall readership which reflects every category of Sex and D/s orientation. This demographic information provides me valuable insight and will I hope help me to understand the kinds of information readers might enjoy as I continue with the blog. To further refine the reader demographics, I have posted a new poll in which readers are asked to indicate their sexual orientation and hope that you will consider responding to the latest poll.

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