Thursday, May 29, 2008

Breast Obsession

I've never really been a tit man. Admittedly I am appreciative of a pair of all natural nicely shaped breasts when given the opportunity to see them. During intimacy, I never skimp on giving them the attention they are due. Yet still I don’t consider myself to be overly obsessed with this part of a woman’s anatomy. So for example, I have no preference for large breasts appreciating smaller breasts just as much. Actually the breasts I found most satisfying from a purely aesthetic perspective and most sexually arousing to give my attentions to were the small "A cup" size breasts of a former girlfriend. Also I am not one of those men who a woman finds staring at her chest when she is talking with me, because it is generally considered rude. I know some women feel similarly about the size of their breasts as many men feel about the size of their penis so I do understand why some women have their breasts enhanced. But for me, mostly I suppose because I am not obsessed with breasts, I actually find the “enhanced” versions something of a turn-off, preferring the natural.

I think it was at about the age of nine that I saw my first photograph of an adult woman’s breasts when I stole a look inside a Playboy magazine from a convenience store rack. That was in the days before they started stocking them behind the counter to keep them out of the hands of kids. It did feel a little naughty and arousing looking at them but I think it had more to do with looking at something I knew wasn’t intended for juvenile consumption rather than the photograph itself. I saw my first set of naked adult breasts at the tender age of twelve when I accidentally walked in on an aunt during an unguarded moment while visiting in her home. I do still recall that because I was so completely embarrassed as I’m certain she was as well. She was in her forties as I recall and had very large breasts over which gravity had long since taken its toll and I remember that they hung almost level with her navel. Again that was not a terribly arousing experience. My first erotic experience with breasts was at the age of seventeen when I persuaded a girl I was dating regularly to remove her top and bra during an amorous encounter in my car while we were at a drive in movie. Looking at and touching them was my very first arousing experience involving female breasts. I liked very much the softness and was enamored with the nipples and the areolas. She wasn’t overly large but her breasts were quite attractive.

Still lots of men are obsessed with female breasts and I do understand that as I have my own favorite girl part. The part I find most compelling is simply not the breasts. The socially and intellectually accepted wisdom concerning breast obsession for some men is that a man's appreciation of the female breast is a social construct. It grows out of a media-generated ideal that shifts from decade to decade. There is another theory that men derive their sexual ideals from their mothers. They learn to sexually crave the breasts they suckled as infants. But there's a whole generation of men (and I'm one of them) who were primarily bottle fed yet I'm guessing that there are many men of my generation who are as breast obsessed as any other generation in history so I’m doubtful of the veracity of the particular theory.

There are lots of other theories about why many men are obsessed with female breasts. Some say men are drawn to the breasts because they're warm and soft and comforting. Still another theory suggests it is because breasts represent forbidden fruit. We tend to sexualize the parts of the female body that are hidden from view. There's some truth to this but it's far from the whole truth. Perhaps the most satisfying theory comes to us by way of evolutionary psychology. The reasoning here is that breasts, especially young nubile breasts, signal fertility. This makes a lot of sense and goes a long way to explaining why we're drawn to plump gravity defying breasts. Men who had a natural hankering for such breasts produced more surviving offspring. Evolutionary psychology may go a long way to explaining why men like young breasts, but it doesn't explain why so many men like big breasts. Personally my own theory is that men who are obsessed and sexually attracted to large breasts feel that way simply because they find them sexy. End of story.

I can appreciate a woman’s breasts and of course I always give them attentive focus during lovemaking because I know most women enjoy that. Yet I remain firmly in the camp of those men who most love a woman’s bottom. To me that is the sexiest part imaginable. I love the shape, the feel and actually everything about them. Breast obsessed? No. Ass obsessed? Yes, guilty as charged.

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Anonymous said...

Breasts. Yes, it’s a special topic. I’ve been with ass men, leg men, breast men, and “I like it all” men, and must say that I prefer men that love my breasts. Though they are sensitive in the obvious ways, there is just something about a man lusting after them that is a HUGE HUGE HUGE turn on for me. Knowing that a man really likes them and wants to get past my top and bra, to get his hands and mouth on my flesh, is incredibly hot.

My breasts were a prototype for a former colleague (years ago) who needed a breast reduction due her overly large, back-breaking breasts. She said she wanted a set just like mine. Boy, did we laugh over that. Today she's out there enjoying them, too!

I used to have a butt that stopped traffic. Sigh. Middle age and gravity have robbed me of my youth.

But I still have my mind!!!