Friday, May 9, 2008

My Secret Life as a Sex Toy Reviewer

Since I happen to live in a part of the country where in general people still tend to be a little on the uptight side when in comes to open sexual expression, sex toy shops are frowned upon and not readily available. Generally what sex toys are locally available here, are cloaked under the term “adult novelties” and are generally of pretty low quality. As a result I find it necessary to obtain the items I want for amusement and pleasure from online sources. After trying several, my favorite source quickly became Eden Fantasys Adult Toys Store. One day while perusing the site I happened to notice an advertisement soliciting toy reviewers. Clicking on the link I discovered that they offered free toys to customers willing to test them and provide written reviews of the toys for the benefit of other customers. Interested I submitted the required writing sample and happily a couple of weeks later received an email notifying that I was approved to participate in the toy reviewer program. I actually enjoy this, not just because of the free toys but because I have always aspired to be a professional writer. While this isn’t of course a paid writing job, still it does stoke me a bit to have something I’ve written posted on a commercial web retailer’s web site for all the world to see.

So I was thinking today I might share with my readers the links to the first two reviews I penned which have been published on the site. I do freely admit that there is the slightest bit of mercenary intent behind this. If you should take a moment to click on the links and read my reviews, you will notice in the lower right hand corner a box where you can rate the reviews. It would be most appreciated if anyone would care to rate my reviews by clicking on the appropriate spot to indicate whether you found the review useful information or not. There is no profit motive to this as it doesn’t put any money in my pocket when people rate my reviews. Doing so merely lets the good folks at Eden Fantasys know the reviews are being read and evaluated. At some point hopefully if I get enough favorable evaluations, I will qualify to test and review some of the more exotic and expensive toys and would be very glad to share my experiences here with anyone who might be interested. So if you have a few moments to spare, help a brother out and click on the links and give your opinion on the reviews.

As an aside, and as one friend to another, if you like sex toys and primarily purchase online, simply from a satisfied customer perspective, if you haven’t tried them, I highly recommend Eden Fantasys Adult Toys Store. They offer very competitive prices, one of those most extensive inventories available and fast, reasonably priced shipping. You can even get free shipping with orders of $50 or more. They also offer a no hassle return policy should you get something you find you don’t actually like as long as it is returned unused in the original packaging. Also, should you have any interest in it, you too can apply to the toy reviewer program. Just look for the link on the main page and follow the steps to apply.

Now on a less commercial note…

Monthly Interview Coming Soon!

I received a number of favorable comments by email from readers following the posting of my interview article, Anne…straight from the hip, last month. So I have been busy lining up another interesting person for this monthly blog feature. Originally, I intended to alternate interviewing dominant females and submissive men each month, but so far have not had any luck in getting a submissive man to agree to an interview. I did however recently make the acquaintance of another very interesting dominant female who has graciously agreed to be interviewed. The interview should be completed and the article readied for publication very soon so be watching for it. And I am always on the lookout for submissive men that would like to be featured so if you are interested, shoot me an email and we will talk!
Tomorrow's Topic: Topping From the Bottom - What is it really?


s said...

It is comforting to know that Eden doesn't ask you to return the toys! I guess there's not a vital used vibrator market out there. I also gather that it's tough to find female toy reviewers. Otherwise, why would they have you review a vibrator?

What an interesting experience. You need to review the CB 6000. Or, better yet, how about one of these little babies?

joe said...


Thanks so much for your comment and questions. Actually, Eden has many more female reviewers than male but reviewers are able to request the toys they wish to review within certain parameters. The vibe I reviewed had already been reviewed by a female and I wished to give a male perspective on it because of my own personal interest. I do agree it is comforting that we don’t have to return the toys as I doubt there would be a great market for used sex toys! LOL While Eden doesn’t stock CB 6000 or similar male chastity devices, I do wish they did as I would love to review them. Perhaps I will obtain and review on here on my own. And thanks so much for the link! Among the many compelling offerings, personally I found the “Fucking Chair” quite intriguing! :) Thanks for reading and I hope you will post again.