Friday, March 28, 2008

Naked, exposed, vulnerable

Each Sunday Mistress requires that I perform what she terms my “Sunday Mantra.” This activity must be performed in a certain way at a specific time and place and follows a prescribed decorum. Briefly I am required to kneel while completely naked, wearing only my collar for a period of time each Sunday. During this period of time I am to contemplate a topic which my Mistress selects and assigns to me each week. After thinking and meditating on the assigned topic then I am then required to report to her my impressions and how I see the topic under consideration applying to my submissive nature and my role as her submissive companion. This ritual contains two elements that strongly trigger my submissive response, the requirement that I present myself completely naked and that I assume a kneeling position.

As adults we predominantly spend our time clothed to some degree or other unless we are preparing for bed, preparing to shower or bathe or preparing to have sex. Because of the fact that being naked is not our normal state is in my opinion why being required to present myself naked to Mistress acts as such a powerful trigger in causing me to express my submission to her. I feel utterly exposed and extremely vulnerable. Being naked is a turn on mentally as well as physically. The mere act of being naked causes me to focus on the fact that the reason for me being naked is to provide my Mistress full access to any part of me she desires whenever she desires. My Mistress isn’t required to be physically present for the nakedness to be meaningful or for the exposed and vulnerable feelings to be significant and intense for me. It is still a reminder that I belong to her and of the pleasure of serving her and pleasing her as best I can. A reminder that I have chosen freely and willing to always be available ready to provide her with what she wants when she wants it.

Kneeling is the ultimate posture of submission and surrender. While kneeling before my Mistress, legs spread, back straight, hands on my knees palms up, head raised and eyes lowered, I indicate by bodily attitude, a total submission of not only my body but also my mind, will and heart to her control. It is an exterior manifestation of the reverence inspired by her domination and my complete submission and devotion to her. This simple act of surrender solidifies on a frequent and repetitive basis her authority over me. The physical dynamic of an assertive, dominant woman commanding me to assume this subservient posture position while nude provokes for me a powerfully satisfying sense of purpose and destiny. The act of kneeling before my Mistress and demonstrating my submissive personality provokes deeply satisfying feelings of place and purpose.

The Sunday mantra has the greatest effect in helping me maintain my submissive focus. More than any other aspect of my submission or of any other type of service I may perform. Maybe because it provides both the satisfaction of serving and the pleasure of being able to fulfill her needs and desires. I love the feeling of extreme vulnerability and though naked and exposed I feel no fear just calming peace, every nerve, and every cell tingling with excitement.

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