Thursday, March 27, 2008

An Introduction

As my inaugural post to launch this blog I thought perhaps I should explain a bit more about myself so that the reader might gain some insight into my perspectives and views in light of my self-definition as a submissive man. A large segment of society holds to the stereotypical views that all dominant women are leather-clad dominatrixes in high heels and that all submissive men are all wimpy, spineless, and effeminate. Nothing could be further from the truth. Beyond the realm of my personal preference for what I view as the ideal structure for a relationship with my intimate partner of choice, I hold a position in my chosen vocation where I perform a very strongly dominant role. I hold a leadership position and am a key decision maker. Previously I served in the military for many years, held a wide variety of command and staff positions and again performed in a strongly dominant role and had important decision making responsibilities. My position as a submissive in the sphere of intimate relationships allows me to step outside my normal role, leave my maleness at the door and escape from the pressure of living up to again stereotypical, macho expectations that society expects from men. This is a catharsis of sorts for me and allows me to relate to the significant female in my life in the ways that I value and find meaningful. In the same way she is empowered and draws from the relationship that which she enjoys and that fulfills her needs and desires.

Beyond the D/s component, my own personal preference is that I prefer to dutifully obey, follow, please, and serve a strong, assertive, dominant woman however and wherever it pleases her. I willingly defer to her all rights to command, to lead and train me to become her “good boy”, a treasured companion and attentive servant. I didn’t one day choose to become submissive. It’s simply biological. I was born to it and it is an essential part of my character and personality. I do respect and revere all women but being submissive does not mean I am a doormat for everyone, every woman or even every dominant woman. I submit only to that one special woman in my life and then I make pleasing her, serving her and meeting her needs my number one priority. I have not only embraced my submissive nature but I actually am quite pleased with being in touch with it and allowing in free expression.

Actually when you think about it, submitting to a woman is not really such a strange notion. Just think about how women and men relate in the vanilla world. Men may take the initiative to ask a woman for a date but who decides whether the date happens? When it comes to sex, it’s the female who chooses her sexual partners and she is also the one who decides when and if sex occurs. With respect to the institution of marriage or other types of committed relationships, especially as the relationship matures women often are the key decision makers when it comes to running the household, where shopping is done, when and what major purchases like homes are made and often how the money is spent. I am simply in my opinion an enlightened sort of man who sees and understands this and has dropped all pretenses that I am in charge of the relationship. I have no fear of allowing the woman to fill the role of leading our relationship both in and out of the bedroom. I can most happily dedicate all my efforts to the happiness of the woman in my life, give her my uncompromising devotion, put her needs, pleasure and wishes above my own, devote myself to serving her in and out of the bedroom, listen to her attentively whenever she is speaking and seek her approval before doing anything, going anywhere or spending anything. It is all so very freeing for me and it really does in my opinion simply the relationship equation.

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