Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dedicated to My Mistress Lily

Mistress and I are members of a BDSM forum and when she accepted me as her personal submissive, she required that I post an announcement in the forum to acknowledge my devotion to her before our friends and acquaintances, which I happily accomplished on March 23, 2008. I thought that since a very big reason for creating this blog was to please and honor my Mistress, I decided to repost the anoouncement here along with the photograph that Mistress instructed me to post along with it...

I have the pleasure and honour of announcing that Princess Serenity and I have entered into an agreement to unite our lives in the D/s lifestyle as Mistress and submissive. Please share with us our excitement and joy as we begin this journey together. In cheerful and sincere obedience to Her first command, I have posted a photograph here as a tangible expression of my esteem for and devotion to my Mistress Lily.

Only for Her

It is only for Her that he looks
His soul yearning to belong to Her
His body burning with fiery desire
To become a treasured possession

It is only for Her that he kneels
Drawing strength from Her acceptance
Offering all that he is or will be
Giving Her the precious gift of himself

It is only for Her that he serves
With his heart open and adoring
His whole being touched by Her presence
His eyes reflecting the joy within

It is only for Her

Mistress teach me how to serve you
Making you proud of my deeds
Teach me how to please you
And to satisfy your needs

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